Cubs World Series Headlines? Cubs World Series Headlines!

When Julie reanimated LOHO and asked me if I’d like to be a part, I said “of course!” Then crept in the doubt of knowing that I haven’t written much of anything in awhile. Add that to the good content being produced regularly at other Cubs blogs, and I had stage fright. But even all that isn’t enough to keep me away from LOHO for the Cubs’ first World Series trip in what seems centuries, but in reality is only decades. hit on an interesting factoid that I hadn’t even considered. We all know that 1945 was the last time the Cubs were in the World Series. We also know that baseball wasn’t integrated in 1945. You know what that means? Dexter Fowler will be the first African American to play in the World Series in a Cubs uniform.

“That’s crazy,” Fowler said during World Series media day on Monday. “It’s crazy to even think about that, because you look back and you look at your parents, my parents weren’t even alive then. It’s a lifetime. It’s awesome to be the pioneer, the first one.”

You’re right about it being crazy, Dexter. And it’s about damn time. It makes me even more frustrated about all those years of bad ownership and management, considering the likes of Ernie Banks and Billy Williams who never got to play in the World Series.

You may have heard a thing or two about a certain Kyle Schwarber. By this time of the day you’ve likely heard the news the thoroughly-rehabbed Indiana Hoosier has been added to the active roster.

“He ran the bases before the game really well, slid, dove back in, went first to third, second to home,” Epstein said Monday during the Cubs’ workout before Game 1 of the World Series. “He looked really good. He’s running pretty well. He’s saving his hits, apparently, because he keeps hitting the balls at guys.”

One of the balls he kept hitting at guys left the bat at 110 mph. By all accounts, he’s been a rehabbing machine the entire year.

“You see him full of sweat — when we’re playing, he doesn’t go home, he’s watching video,” Anthony Rizzo said. “I’ve probably yelled at him at least 10 times this year. He’s looking at his swing in April, May, June — ‘Schwarbs, what are you doing? Just watch baseball and enjoy it.’ But he’s going over scouting reports, seeing how to pitch guys and really dissecting every game and trying to learn by not playing.”

I’ve set my expectations low for the impact that he can have after playing only two AFL games before stepping into the World Series. However, I can’t help but dream…

13 thoughts on “Cubs World Series Headlines? Cubs World Series Headlines!”

  1. Sorry I haven’t been around here much…I’ve honestly been so stressed with this playoff run I haven’t really felt like communicating with anyone.

    Once the Cubs won the pennant, though, I feel much better about everything. The World Series is just icing on the cake at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I desperately want the Cubs to win it all, but just getting over the hump of the NLCS was a huge relief.

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