Cubs/Giants Game Thread: Game 4

Me, last night.
Me, last night.

So last night was long, tense, frustrating, sleepy, and long. I did my best to stay awake, but conked out for good sometime around 1am, squinted at the tv, and passed out again. Today, I am extremely tired, but one thing I’m not is worried or upset.

Look, Joe Maddon has won 200 games in the last two seasons playing the matchups. And it almost ALWAYS works. It’s unfortunate that one of the rare occasions that the whole thing blows up happened in the post-season, but what are you going to do? It was a terrific game wherein a bunch of weird things happened. Dry your tears, take a nap, and let’s go again tonight.

One thing that DOES have me concerned, however, is Anthony Rizzo. More to the point, I’m worried about his bat. This postseason, he’s a big, fat 0-for. As in 0 hits, runs, walks, etc. The guy hasn’t been on base (that I can remember). This, my friends, is a problem. Because if they can’t get Rizzo going, the Cubs lose a big cog in their offensive production machine. So let’s all take a moment to pray, visualize, throw a penny in the fountain, bury a statue of St. Anthony upside down in the yard (seriously, my dad’s family used to do this), rain dance, or do whatever is it you do to ask the baseball gods to have mercy on Anthony’s soul. And bat.

I was sort of hoping Joe would bring John Lackey on in relief last night, mostly because I love the idea of a really pissed-off Lackey, mad that he’s being used as a reliever, scaring the bajeezus out of hitters. And, if it works, no one pitches again until Saturday. But no matter, Lackey is pitching tonight. And, make no mistake, games like tonight are exactly the reason Lackey is on this team. He was acquired to pitch in the post-season and pitch in the post-season season he shall. He’ll face Matt Moore, who had a 13-12 record on the season with a 4.08 ERA , and is, inexplicably, one of 27 players on the Giants who bear a striking resemblance to Jaromir Jagr.

Tonight’s game is on FS1 again, for reasons still unclear to me, and it’s entirely possible that one more ill-timed in-game interview precipitates me tossing the TV out the window. Because DEAR GOD is there a lot going on during these FOX broadcasts. It’s like they’re not sure what they’re supposed to do, so they decided to do EVERYTHING. Reminder that Pat and Ron, as always, will be on 670 The Score with the hometown call.

First pitch at 7:30 pm CT. Pass the time until then by drinking in these delicious, delicious Cardinals fans tears.


Dexter Fowler, CF
Kris Bryant, 3B
Anthony Rizzo, 1B
Ben Zobrist, LF
Addison Russell, SS
Jason Heyward, RF
Javier Baez, 2B
David Ross, C
John Lackey, P





43 thoughts on “Cubs/Giants Game Thread: Game 4”

  1. Two things:

    1) My laptop is in the shop (😭😭) so I wrote this on my phone, which is A) hard and B) the WORST for spell -checking. Which is why ‘Joe Maddon’ becomes ‘How Madison.’ Maddening. Apologies in advance.

    2) I figured out what the FS1 broadcast reminds me of.

    1. I watched a significant portion of the game on ‘cute’ last night. That was okay.

      The best part is when the announcers were talking about player development and the camera panned to show Jed & Jason McLeod in the stands and they completely ignored it.

  2. Don’t worry! I have the same wine I was drinking during games 1 and 2 and am also wearing my “Try Not to Suck” shirt, which I ALSO wore for games 1 and 2.

    I did neither for game 3.

  3. I dunno about anyone else, but after staying up for the disappointing end last night, I accidentally slept in until 10.

    Good thing I set my own work schedule…

    1. That’s where I’ll be.

      We’ve seen this story before. 5 outs away last night, sloppy loss tonight. Heartbreaking one to follow Thursday.

      2016 ends up a waste.

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