Welcome back, Cubs fans!

(sings the theme from “Welcome Back, Kotter,” realizes she only knows one line).

Well, it’s been a while.

f68856b9-eab2-4092-a822-765f2f48c0d3lohologoFor those of you who are new to A League of Her Own (or LOHO, as we lovingly call her), let me try to explain. Waaaay back in 2006, blogs were all the rage, Twitter hadn’t yet been invented, and I was wearing on onion on my belt, as was the fashion at the time. SB Nation had just launched with six baseball blogs, and we were all hanging out over at the Cubs blog Bleed Cubbie Blue.

Only we were constantly getting in trouble for something. Talking about things other than baseball. Our potty mouths. Hi-jacking threads to quote The Simpsons for 75 comments. And so, after a huge blow up with other readers of BCB, we took our ball and came here, to LOHO.

Remember, Twitter wasn’t around yet and Facebook was in its infancy. So this is where we hung out for games. And, as we had no access to the Cubs other than what came through our TVs, radios, and newspapers (paper copies!) we had to make our own fun. We had wacky nicknames for all the players. We had a slew of rally animals (rallymals) that we posted for good luck. We had game threads that went hundreds and hundreds of comments. We made our own fun. Ah, those were the halcyon days of sports blogging. I don’t think Crane will ever forgive me.

Eventually, life got busier. I changed careers. We all grew up, got real jobs, had kids. More demands were made on our time. Twitter siphoned off from the game threads. After 7 years of blogging day in, day out, it began to be more of a job than a hobby. Eventually, I got offered a real job in sports. That was the end of LOHO.

Many of us stayed in touch. Some of us still talk regularly on Twitter. I was overjoyed to re-connect with Oz this year via LinkedIn. Carl and Mark continue to loom large in my life. These days, I work for the Cubs’ flagship station, and I no longer need a blog to connect me, daily, to the team.

But as the Cubs get ready to make an historic playoff push, there is no one I’d rather experience it with than my old pals from LOHO. We lived through Ted Lilly slamming his glove on the mound, Jason Marquis being attacked by a flock of seagulls (not the band), and what we only refer to as “the unfortunate Neifi Perez incident.” Whatever happens this postseason, I want to experience it with you guys.

So for as long as the Cubs are alive in the postseason, LOHO will operate like it used to. We’re still going to post morning headlines and game threads, by design. We’re not going to try to modernize the blog, as we look at LOHO as a time capsule of a really great time in our lives, and we want it to continue to exist as it always was. We hope, for a little while at least, you’ll join us.

— Julie

156 thoughts on “Welcome back, Cubs fans!”

  1. So Twitter, per usual, is just a bunch of dudes telling me I suck at my job, so I might as well hang out over here and see who shows up.

    Also, our former pals are scattered far and wide, so if you guys could help share via Twitter & FB, I would appreciate it!

  2. I only showed up towards the end of its run but I’m glad to see LOHO return. Especially because of the circumstances surrounding its return.

    Now it’s off to work where I’ll be hyperventilating all day and yelling st college students to figure it out on their own and to leave me alone.

    1. A shame for Szczur. I like him as the 4th OF….slumped at bit late though, and Almora’s glove seems a bit better. Thoughts Julie? Also…Joe Smith.. the Cubs traded for this guy?

      1. I do feel bad for Szczur, but Coghlan has been the hot hand lately. Really, though, I would have been fine with either. I feel AWFUL for Jason Hammel, though. How often do you win 15 games and get left off the post-season roster?

        1. True. He’s got the most likelihood of putting up a stinker though. HE seems to blow up pretty easily the second half. Coghlan, I admit…in July I was questioning bringing him back.. Aug/Sept he’s been very good.

  3. I’m new to the party, but happy to be here. I feel terrible for Jason Hammel, but I imagine in a five game series Joe would rather have Lackey. I can understand the other moves. Most of the games played between the two were low scoring affairs, and I think Joe values Almora’s defense late in the game.

    I’ve always been very nervous when the team is in it, but not as much this time. Maybe because the other times seemed like one-shot chances. This team looks as if it will be there again, so I am determined to learn how to be a fan of a perennial contender.

  4. Funny, I was just thinking how, way back in the Mike Quad days, a bunch of people here said, ‘You know who I’d really like to see the Cubs interview? That Joe Maddon guy with the glasses.’

    1. That was probably around the same time I wanted Fredi Gonzalez as the manager. I’m sure we would have already won a World Series title if that had happened.

  5. Sorry guys — had to toss a bunch of trolls, which I totally should have seen coming. So if there are comments that don’t make sense, that’s probably why.

    I can’t believe I forgot to tell you guys this:


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    no more feature requests or this site will be slower than… im not good at analogies. it will be slow.

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